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What To Do If You Were Charged With DUI/OVI? 

Being charged with DUI/OVI and not knowing how this case is going to impact your future can be a stressful experience.  To make matters worse, there is a lot of misinformation about drunk driving charges.

If you have been charged with DUI/OVI, the first thing to do is to educate yourself about DUI/OVI consequences and the DUI/OVI court process. This website contains valuable information to help you learn about DUI/OVI, as well as some criteria for hiring an attorney. 
Consequences For Ohio DUI/OVI Convictions
Known by many acronyms, including OVI (in Ohio), DUI, OMVI, and DWI, a drunk driving conviction may result in serious consequences.  The sentence for DUI/OVI in Ohio includes a mandatory driver’s license suspension, mandatory jail time, and a mandatory fine.  It may also include yellow license plates, ignition interlock, and vehicle immobilization or forfeiture.  Having a DUI/OVI on your record will result insecondary consequences like higher auto insurance rates and effects on employment, professional licensing, health insurance, and immigration/travel.  A DUI/OVI conviction is a permanent record and cannot be sealed or expunged.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PLEAD GUILTY to the DUI/OVI conviction and its consequences.  Pleading Not Guilty and contesting the DUI/OVI charge with an experienced DUI/OVI attorney typically improves the outcome of your case.  Hiring a good Ohio DUI/OVI lawyer may help you:

•    Have your driver’s license returned
(While the case is pending, you may be able to have your administrative license suspension terminated or stayed, which means you get your license back)
•    Obtain driving privileges
(If the administrative license suspension is not terminated or stayed, you may get driving privileges for work and other limited purposes)
•    Avoid jail
(You may be able to complete a driver intervention program instead of the minimum three-day jail sentence)
•    Avoid yellow license plates and ignition interlock
(You may avoid the embarrassment of driving around with yellow license plates on your car and having to blow into an ignition interlock to start your car)
•    Avoid a DUI / OVI conviction on your record
(The only way to avoid a conviction on your traffic record is to FIGHT THE CHARGE)

Strategies For DUI/OVI Defense
First, we enter a plea of Not Guilty and appeal the administrative license suspension.  Then, we obtain all the evidence the prosecutor intends to introduce.  Next, we investigate the evidence and research the legal issues.  Although the evidence may point to guilt on the surface, digging into all the details of the situation may reveal weakness in the prosecution’s case.

Based on the what we find, we file motions to suppress evidence for issues such as:  Did the officer have justification for stopping your vehicle? Did the officer have justification to detain you for a DUI/OVI investigation?  Did the officer administer the field sobriety tests correctly?  Did the officer have justification to arrest you for DUI/OVI?  Did the police department follow the Ohio regulations for the breath test, blood test, or urine test?  Was the machine in proper working order?  Is the test scientifically reliable?  Were records maintained correctly and paperwork completed properly?

After reviewing the evidence and investigating issues like these, we file motions to suppress.  We then negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to reach an agreement that is acceptable.  If we do not reach an acceptable agreement, we may have a contested hearing on those motions to suppress, and we may take the case to trial.

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